Feeling a bit exhausted, lately?  How those daily vitamin rituals coming along?  Ready for A CHANGE?  Something that can do the same as your vitamins only so.. much better, my friend!

Well, have got my hand on something that will most certainly be of interest you!  Its called,  JUICING!!!

I’m guessing you got all sort of thoughts going through your lovely mind…

  • You are probably like, what the heck is that??  I still got all my teeth, so, why juice?
  • Well, I’ve heard of it before, but never really bothered to know anything about it.
  • Uhh.. No.. thanks!!  I love hearing the crunch in my FOOD!!!
  • Juicing???  What do I look like, a baby???  Ok.  Maybe I act like a baby sometimes, but still.
  • Nahh… I like taking my vitamins each and every day and night and spending an arm and a leg for it.
  • I want to look great, but JUICING was not what I had in mind.

Ok.. Ok.. Don’t kill the messenger, but shouldn’t you just at least give a few minutes of your time to at least find out?

I mean, aren’t you worth it???  Ok.  It’s a deal!  Let’s cut to the chase and give you the info. that got you this far on my page.  I know you are a busy body and your body’s gotta be busy so, here ya go….

The benefits of JUICING:

  • You immediately get the benefits as you do, your precious vitamins (not knocking vitamins, I’m just sayin’…) only faster. As soon as you drink it, you will feel yourself be energized.  Instead of the vitamin break down waiting period from your tummy because its liquid, you immediately feel the difference as its absorbed into our bloodstream and into your thirsty cells.  How amazing is that?
  • You get to mix and match your veggies and fruits.
  • I for one, was not able to eat the recommended 5 servings a day deal, only because I am like the run around soccer mom, only my kids are not in soccer.  I can only imagine.. Ha ha lol!  Nonetheless; they were still super active and I had to keep up or be run down or run over.
  • They say.. Having a healthy diet is expensive, but if you just think for a moment.  Isn’t it it better to do actions of preventive measures and do what you have to do to be in the best healthier version of you, then, to let days, months, years pass only to find out you got high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and then, start to make the changes. My friend, I still say its way cheaper than drug prescriptions for life, as well as ongoing hospital bills.  So, which would be the better choice?  Exactly!  Preventive maintenance is the best decision you can make for you and your family that so love you dearly.
  • I did say short, right?  Ok. Last but not least, because “YOU ARE WORTH IT”!!

If you took the time out to find out about JUICING then, I can clearly see that you believe that to be so…

So..Where do I go?  How do I start?  Where can I get more detailed information?  Ok… breathe!!!  Yes, I will deliver…

Here ya go.. friend!!  N’Joy!!!