Hafa Adai (Hello)!

My name is Jennifer, I am born and raised in the beautiful tropical island of “GUAM”.  So… That must make me a Guamanian, right?   Ha ha lol!  It may be a small island, but filled with people with big hearts and a lot of passion for our cultural traditions.   It is in our hospitality that we welcome our many island visitors and as they return back home with such wonderful memories to share with their families and friends.  I am a very, very proud mother who has been blessed with three such beautiful and wonderfully amazing children, Heather, Daylen and Matthias.

It has always been my passion to want to be able to accomplish my goals and dreams that fit into the realm of being in a position of  making other people reach their goals, as well as their  dreams and at that very same time fulfilling mine.  It just does not get any better than that.  I take great pride and satisfaction in being able to take part in such a life changing process as I watch them grow into what they were truly meant to be in this life and the direction that they are headed.  It is a great journey to be in… To always be wanting and to be willing to stretch one’s self beyond where they’ve never stretched before.  Yes, it is truly indeed uncomfortable.  In fact,  it is truly very uncomfortable, but look at it this way…. If being comfortable, being uncomfortable is what its gonna take to get to the other side in order to fulfill our life’s goals and dreams. Then, so.. BE IT!